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happens. we're learning more about the shooting tonight. here's details. reporter: sunday mourners fledded into the church, still reeling. reporter: flowers, teddy bears and candles are piling up at a continuous pace as all avenuetown turns into one large growing memorial. >> the feeling of emptiness and people just reaching out for each other and at a loss for words. reporter: that somber tone turned briefly to alarm. police and s.w.a.t. teams broke up prayers with guns drawn to evacuate a thought people from mass. >> someone threatened to disrupt the service, so we acted swiftly. >> security is on edge with president obama in newtown for an evening brother vigil. he'll meet with the family0s of the shooting victims.
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investigators are still trying to find out what prompted 20-year-old adam lanza to shoot his mother multiple times in the face before continuing his killing spree at sandy hookletly that only end when he shot himself in the head. now the town is working to have the youngest survivors not have their lives impacted. >> the policeman told us to close our eyes. and just go out. >> told to us close our eyes because the man was probably dead right there. reporter: a nearby up to is helping by offering up a school that is silting empty to the children of sandy hook. the idea when they go back to school, they don't have to do it in a building struck by tragedy. >> ama: the community has been shaken by this tragedy, and it's not just those directly affected in the shooting. laura an happy to is live from
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sandy hook with reaction from folks in town. laura? reporter: this is a very tight-knit small community, a village. today it was filled with people and cars from all over the area. but we heard very little noise. very little conversation. it was cold. it drizzled all day. the sky was gray. but it very much fit the mood. >> the feelings are in the faces of the thousands of people who have descended on tiny sandy hook, connecticut. and ideal village, the town is in shock, nowmed the reality that a disturbed young man took so much. 27 people from one small place. >> i walk up and down and it's just -- your spine just -- get that shiver. >> sadness. and disbelief.
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reporter: at the entrance to the school, around a sign that says visitors welcome, there stands 27 christmas trees for each victim, dem crated for the -- decorate for the holiday. including stuffed animals for those lost here. >> she left them behind. >> why did you want to do that? >> because i hoped -- >> there were many children among those coming to pay their respects, like their parents, still struggling to grasp what happened here. >> those people what happened. >> down the road, local high school students and recent graduates set up a table collecting donations for the families of the victims. families that many of them know. >> people hand us donations it's the head nod, and you don't speak about it. you just kind of nod back and you understand with that nod.
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you recognize that you're going through the same thing, and the same pain. >> how does this community move on, do you think, or can they? >> i'm not sure they can. i think this will forever -- i don't have the words to explain it. reporter: and tonight, as we speak, there is a public memorial, a vigil, an interfaith vigil, president obama will speak shortly. tomorrow begins the very private business of burying those who were killed here. those services begin with the funerals of two young boys, two first-graders. tonight on abc-7 news at 6:00. we'll hear from a local salon owner who counted many of these young victims among her clients. in sandy hook, connecticut, abc-7 news. >> ama: thank you for that. a friend of the family says that adam lanza learned how to shoot guns from his mom. he says they were her holiday. authorities found three guns
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used in the shooting that belonged to his mother. they include a glock ten millimeter, a signature sauer nine millimeter hand gun and a bush master assault rifle. the same type of rifle used in the 2002dc sniper attacks. senator dine feinstein will call for a vote on an assault weapons ban. the nation's gun statistic may surprise you. there are more registered gun sellers than mcdonald's restaurantness the u.s. there are an estimated 270 to 300 million guns and 313 million people. senator feinstein says it's too many, especially easy to load automatic weapons. this morning she offered details of the ban. >> it will ban the sale, transfer, import addition, and the possession -- not retroactively but prospectively, and will ban the same for big
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clips, drums, or strips. of american ten bullets. we exempt over 900 specific weapons that will not be -- fall under the bill. but the purpose of this bill is to get weapons of war off the streets of our city. >> ama: this morning, senator joe lieberman called for a commission to look at our nation's gun laws and mental health system. >> on this first sunday after the newtown shooting, people here in the bay area looked for solace at their places of worship. we're live at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. >> today seemed to be the kind of day when parents wanted to be very close to their children, especially at places of worship like here. here they played for the victims of newtown but also for the safety of their open -- own children. reporter: new at the cathedral,
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monsignor offered prayers for the victims of new tiewn and was joined by many parishioners. >> today is a day to pray, especially for all those people. that were massacred and for their families. reporter: even a special prayer written for the victims. he is the pastor of st. mary's and says people have come to mass not just to pray but to try to make some sense of the evil that occurred. >> and seeking to find constance nation the promise and hope of a god who feels with us and longs to help us. reporter: at glide memorial church, the church did what it does best, helped the congregation celebrate life while recovering from the sorrow of the tragedy. for rev reps cecil women's the church was filled to standing room only and says the response is incredible. >> never seen something like this in my 50 years, never seen it touch communities and individuals like this has done.
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reporter: he says the killing of innocents affected people everywhere. >> it happens all over the world. because they went for the children. he went to destroy the children. for some reason. reporter: many of the people who came to glide, came with their children held tight. this is marion's first visit to glide church. she brought her daughter along for a spiritual healing. >> our first time here, and this is to share the love and the heartache that everybody is feeling. reporter: both glide and st. mary's have set up special areas for contemplation and also for prayers. we're live in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> ama: investigators are still figuring out what led to the shooting. abc-7 news will continue to cover the store. you can also find new information on our facebook page and twitter feeds. still ahead. republicans give an inch in the
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fiscal cliff debate. what they're willing to give up to keep tax cuts for the middle class from expiring. >> so much violence, people in the bay area are fighting back. these random acts of kindness coming up. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. accuweather seven-day forecast showing a pretty stormy outlook for this u
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>> ama: doweling news. a driver flipped her car near the caldecott tunnel. its burt burst into flames. the drive lost control, her car nipped and hit a tree.
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both women inside were able to escape without injury. we can all probably use a big hug and that's what volunteers from the hunting happiness project were delivering at the oakland farmers market today. as a visitor who browsed in jack london square, they were hit with random acts of kindness. hugs and high fives or encouraging words, small gestures that make a big difference. >> hugs can help you get through the day. i think that's something that is meaningful. >> it's nice to reach out and just be nice. something we need to do more of, i think. >> ama: the volunteers at the booth also wrote notes of inspiration, encouraging others to step up and spread the good will. coming up, a look at who will likely be the next secretary of defense. plus, republicans agree to give up a little more in the fiscal
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>> ama: with americans accelerating towards the fiscal cliff cliff, house speaker john boehner reportedly off everred president obama that would raise tax breaks for those making more than a million dollars a year. the president's plan calls for a higher rate for those earning more than $250,000 a year. neither side has offered on -- commented on the offer. now president obama backs as
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his next secretary of defense is a moderate republican who works with the president. chuck hagel left politics politf approved by the senate, he will take over from leeon panetta. >> for a look at the weather, here's leigh glaser. >> leigh: looks stormy heading into thursday, friday, and next weekend. right now we're seeing the clouds thicken up. our high definition east bay cam showing the clouds starting to thicken over the bay. now let's get to live doppler 7hd. you can see for yourself, much of the day it has been that low-level moisture, the heavy mist and drizzle, from san francisco, points northward, cloverdale, santa rosa, vallejo, sacramento, and out towards napa, as well as down towards st. helena, all those locations
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picking up low-level moisture but south of san francisco you saw a little bit more in the way of sunshine. right in this area, a little sun for san jose. you popped up into the 50s today. in the north bay that's where the clouds hung around, and temperatures there today 'only managed mid-up toker 40s in most cases. right now a little warmer. napa, 50, 49 in san rafael, 49, light mist and drizzle. 54 in san francisco, 5 -- 57 in handjose. rain on the increase overnight tonight. get ready for a very wet morning commute tomorrow, and then looks stormy heading towards the latter part of the work week. this is the cold front that will move through tonight. this warm sector provided the lift and all the moisture for the north bay today. as we progress overnight, the cold front will spread the rain
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south. so we'll begin our forecast at 8:00 tonight. and you'll notice santa rosa, up north, start to see the beginnings of the cold front. by 10:00 should start to drape across much of the north bay, and then overnight, this will slide south. the majority of the bay area will have to deal with wet painful tomorrow morning, and then this system by 8:00 starts to focus towards the south bay, and then by lunchtime, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, scattered showers and the evening commute should be relatively dry. most of the rain will have moved out and we'll along for clearing. we're looking to close to an inch of rain mainly in the north bay mountains. this is not a huge rain-maker, maybe a quarter to half an inch elsewhere. it will move in tonight. and it will move out by tomorrow afternoon. lows tonight, obviously with the clouds moving in, will be much warmer, upper 40s to low 50s
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and highs for monday, the rain in the morning followed by afternoon scattered showers and partial clearing. 52, san rafael, and san francisco, livermore, 54. 50s for watsonville and gilroy. here's the seven-day forecast. a slight break tuesday. wednesday morning, get ready for morning frost. it will be cold but a dry day on wednesday. then heavy rain and wind expected on thursday. periods of rain could be heavy at times on friday. and it looks like another storm probably saturday night and early sunday morning. so, definitely stay tuned with us and we'll keep you updated. >> shu is here with sports. raiders big time. >> mike: the playoff picture coming into focus. the raiders playing a team they beat seven
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>> mike: the raiders hosting kansas city. the last time they beat the kansas city chiefs, seven week ago. the highlights are not up to nfl standards. chiefs, 17 yards offense in the first half. brady quinn, picked off by hansen. that led to a janikowski 50-yard field goal. 6-0 raiders. third quarter, mcfadden, with
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a 19-yarder. that led to jap cow ski's fourth field goal of the game. 12-0 raiders. mike goodson, spends away from one tackle. shake and bakes around another. 43 of his 89 on the ground and that led to, you guessed it, another field goal. 15-0 raiders. but the raider defense did shut out the chiefs. snapping a six-game skid behind janikowski's five field goals, 15-0 the final. >> andrew luck and his colds fighting for a wild card spot against the texans. the scoop and score, 23 texans. this 61-yarder to hill wasn't enough. tox with the 29-17 victory. >> denver sealed the afc west division weeks ago but has a
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chance for top spot. flacco is picked off. goes 98 yards, but made it into the end zone. peyton manning, threw only one touchdown pass to decker. broncos with the nine-game win streak, trail the texans by one game. 34-17 the final. the patriots beat the 49ers tonight they're the second seed in the afc because they own the tiebreaker over denver. 49ers are the second seed. a loss tonight they fall behind green bay. >> seahawks keeping the pressure on the 49ers. they beat the bills. russell wilson rap for three t.d.s in the game and the defense came up big. ryan fitzpatrick is picked off. goes 57 yards. niners take a seahawks team that scored 10 points, next sunday in seattle. that could decide the decision
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as the seahawks win. >> packers are the team to beat, showed why against the giants. 14-0 atlanta after one quarter. ryan couldn't do anything wrong. 270 yards. three t.d.s, two to jones. they hang on to the top spot in nfc with their shutout. >> packers and bears, what a game for james jones. three t.d. catches on five receptions. green bay clinches the nfc north for the second straight season. if the 49ers lose, packers will pass them for the second seed in the nfc. 21-13 the final. >> playoff picture starting to clear up. wild cards up for graph. wild cards up for graph. more at you know how much grandma
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>> ama: coming up in a half hour at 6:00, the touching memorial in newtown, connecticut, and the search for answers. laura anthony is there live. >> new details about the deadly accident involving a bay area chp of. join us at 6:00. a world series championship is the gift that keeps on giving. the fans and holiday shoppers turned out at the giants team store for a memorabilia today. it included equipment, and uniforms, as well as banners. the proceeds will benefit the
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giants community fund. that does it for us at 5:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> the abc-7 news exclusive alarm clock apping available for your android and your iphone. see you back at 6:00. i'm david muir. this iia i'm david muir. this is a special edition of "world news." tonight the tragedy at the elementary school. this evening the president travels to newtown, connecticut as the nation mourns the victims after the deadliest shooting at an elementary school in america. the 20 children, the little girl at the piano with her brother, she did not survive. ♪ come now almighty king >> the new details about the children who did escape. the children found hiding when police arrived. the extraordinary instincts of one little girl, the only one to survive in her class. >> and the first words she said

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